Brian Picioccio

March 26, 2015

I just had my closing on a refinance with John and Family First Funding. To say it was an easy experience is an understatement. This was my 4th time dealing with a lender for a purchase or refi. And this was by far the best, easiest and fastest of them. John and his assistant Natalie were incredible. I told John from the beginning that I am an easy person to work with as long as there is a constant line of communication. There was never more than 24 hrs. that I didn’t get an update from John or Natalie. They delivered on every promise they made to us. The one little hiccup with the wording of my current home owners insurance was handled swiftly. John and Natalie worked with my agent directly to solve it in 2 days. I would recommend John to anybody looking for a lender. Thank you for all your help and guidance.

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