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    John J Yurkovich

    Branch Mgr / Sr. Mtg Officer

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    • My name is John Yurkovich. I am a branch manager and licensed loan officer at Family First Funding with NMLS# 206495. I opened a branch with Family First Funding in March of 2013.
      I began my career in the IT field with AT&T, MetLife, Citifnancial and Smith Barney. Shortly after 9/11, I transitioned into real estate becoming a loan officer in 2002. I soon realized I had a passion to help people obtain the American Dream of homeownership, working extremely hard to become an expert in the available loan program guidelines, analyzing credit reports and understanding our clients financial picture.
      I’m grateful to have Natalie and Raquelle part of “Team Yurkovich” who share an intense desire to make the mortgage buying and refinancing experience the least stressful as possible.

    Natalie Gray

    Executive Assistant

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    • My name is Natalie Gray, I am the Team Lead for the Woodbridge Branch, including all of our Loan Officer’s, Assistants, Processors, and Branch Manager John Yurkovich.  I began working with John’s team and Family First Funding in May 2014.  I work directly with our team, agents, attorneys, and all of our clients from start to finish throughout the mortgage process.  My goal is to make the mortgage process as smooth, easy, and stress-free for all of our clients.  My role is to build relationships with all of our clients and work with them throughout the entire process; from the time we take an initial application, to pre-approval, and seeing them straight through to their loan being cleared to close.

      I excel in Renovation Loans such as FHA 203K and Fannie Mae HomeStyle loans.  I work directly with our clients, their contractors, and consultants to make sure we have all required documentation upfront, to avoid any delays in what can sometimes be a lengthy process, given the nature of the loan type.  I also work with clients prior to the mortgage process to make it possible for them to become a Homeowner, by helping them build and repair their credit.  Prior to an application being submitted to underwriting, John and I carefully review all income documentation and scenarios to make sure our clients will be approved to ensure a much smoother process, with no surprises.  Our team is dedicated to make all of your home buying and refinancing dreams possible.

    Raquelle Gray


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    • My name is Raquelle “Rokki” Gray.  I am the loan analyst for Team Yurkovich at Family First Funding.  I started with the team in December of 2015.  I began my career as a loan analyst right after graduating from Georgian Court University.  I work directly with clients along with their agents, underwriters and our team to accomplish the main goal of clearing a loan to close.  My role is to review and assist in collecting necessary documentation required by underwriting.  I also like to build a personal relationship with each and every client, so that they feel comfortable and can build a better understanding of purchasing or refinancing their home.

      I feel that purchasing or refinancing a home is one of the most important decisions a person can make, and can often feel overwhelming or stressful.  I am here to guide clients through the mortgage process, answer any questions, clarify any confusion and make sure that their experience is as least stressful as possible.  Team Yurkovich truly believes in our company’s name.  We pride ourselves on making all of our clients feel like they are family, and I am proud to be a part of the BEST team, TEAM YURKOVICH!

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    FHA - Federal Housing Authority - Is NOT a first time buyer program although just about everyone in the world thinks it is. This product may be used for more once however you cannot have 2 FHA loans at the same time. (Still not true but extremely difficult to justify the need for a 2nd FHA loan).

    There are though many reasons why this is one of the most popular first time home buyer loans of choice.

    → Purchase a 1 to 4 family home with only 3.5% down payment
    → Include renovation funds in the loan to renovate the home
    → Accepts County & State down payment assistance programs
    → 3.5% down payment may be gifted from a family member
    → Allowed to roll in all the closing costs into the loan
    → College or trade transcripts counted in 2 years work history
    → May purchase 1 year after a bankruptcy Ch. 13 discharge
    → May purchase 2 years after a bankruptcy Ch. 7 discharge
    → May purchase 3 years after a foreclosure deed transferred
    → May purchase 3 years after a short sale deed transferred
    → 10% down payment with score in the 500s
    → Charged-Off Accounts Do NOT have to be paid
    → Medical collection accounts DO NOT have to be paid
    → Accepts non occupying family members as co-borrowers
    → US Work Authorization with 2 years tax returns qualifies

    These are many of the reasons we CLOSE more loans than other banks and lenders.

    Message Us, Call Us or Complete my Free-Quote form today!

    Office: 732-290-1888 (Ext 2, for new clients)

    Website: www.MrMortgageLender.com/get-free-quote

    Download my Free Mobile Calculator App: mtgpro.co/ztssl

    Team John Yurkovich NMLS# 206495

    Family First Funding LLC is an FHA Approved Direct Lending Institution, and is not acting on behalf of or at the direction of HUD/FHA or the Federal government. These programs are not a commitment to lend and program guidelines are subject to change.

    New Jersey Residential Mortgage Lender, New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. NMLS # 810371.
    Pennsylvania Mortgage Lender, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Banking. License Number # 37480.
    Licensed Mortgage Lender, Florida Office of Financial Regulation. License # MLD835. Licensed Mortgage Banker - New York State Department of Financial Services. License #B501032. Connecticut Mortgage Lender # ML-810371.
    Equal Housing Lender.
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    I would like to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. Like so many of you, I am thankful for my family and my health and my job.

    Facebook has connected me to thousands of people who I consider as friends. I enjoy helping everyone and I enjoy a challenge – and some of you have brought me some challenging scenarios!

    Many of us have gotten to know each other a bit during your road to home ownership, please know that I am thankful for that. And to all of the people who have yet to reach out to me or I have yet to meet or connect with, I am looking forward to the opportunity to do so.

    Enjoy some time away from work with family and friends, and safe travels to all. Good wishes to existing and future relationships!
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    ATTENTION: Real Estate Investors and Flippers

    I've been asked, overheard too many times in conversation and read in real estate investor groups that no one believes there are programs to close purchase or cash-out refinance transactions while keeping the deed in your LLC.

    This post is to confirm there are options for Investors:

    ☼ Purchase up to 80% LTV for 1-4 Unit Properties
    ☼ Refinance 75% Cash-Out for 1-4 Unit Properties
    ☼ Refinance 80% Rate/Term for 1-4 Unit Properties
    ☼ Purchase with Reno Funds 10% to 15% Down Payment
    ☼ Investment Construction 1 to 30 units

    NO Tax Return Required
    NO Property Seasoning Required for New Value
    NO Leases Required
    NO Flipping History Required but must own Primary Residence

    Have Questions? Call Us 732-290-1888 x1

    Or Completed our online free quote:

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